At that time, carelessness became a common name, and the indelible pain in the heart of "84" disinfectant!

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The new crown pneumonia is raging, many families are starting to buy masks, 84 disinfectant, alcohol protective equipment, many people only know that 84 disinfectant disinfection effect is good, but do not know why it is named, much less understand the trademark story behind it.

What does "84" mean?

In 1984, the predecessor of Ditan Hospital, Beijing First Infectious Disease Hospital, successfully developed a disinfectant that can quickly kill all kinds of hepatitis viruses. After being appraised by experts organized by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, it was awarded the second prize for application achievements and named "84" hepatitis decontamination solution. It was later renamed "84 disinfectant".In 1984, it is the origin of its name!

After the successful research and development of 84 disinfectant, Ditan Hospital established "Beijing First Infectious Disease Hospital Labor Service Company" in the same year to produce and sell "84" disinfectant. In June 1992, Ditan Hospital funded the establishment of "Beijing Longan Medical Technology Development Company" and entrusted the company to produce and sell "84" disinfectant: the two sides agreed that all legal disputes related to the production, research, development, operation and sales of "84" disinfectant in the future should be resolved in the name of Ditan Hospital.

In March 1997, Ditan Hospital also transferred and licensed its technology to more than 30 manufacturers across the country to produce and sell "84" disinfectant through the establishment of a group company. Each transferee enterprise shall mark the trademark and the name of "84" hepatitis decontamination solution or "84" disinfectant solution on its products.Later, with the improvement of the popularity of "84" disinfectant, various "84" disinfectants appeared in the market, which once caused chaos in the market.

Can "84" apply for a trademark?


After inquiry, it was found that the number of applications for the "84" trademark was not large, only more than 20, while there were more than 200 trademarks containing the word "84. For disinfecting solutions, the core category is Category 5 (consisting mainly of pharmaceuticals and other preparations for medical or veterinary use). There is currently no successful registration in this category.

In March 1999, Ditan Hospital applied to the former Trademark Review and Adjudication Board to revoke the trademark registration certificate "84" issued by the Trademark Office to Aitefo Health Products Company for Class 5 (Disinfectant) Commodities No. 1104561. Ditan Hospital stated in the application: "84" disinfectant technology has been transferred to 38 companies in China and occupies an important place in the disinfectant market. Such products are collectively referred to as "84 disinfectant".

Later, Long 'an Company, funded by Ditan Hospital, also applied to the Trademark Office to register the trademark "Long 'an 84" on Class 5 disinfectants. It seems that in order to "84" trademark, ditan hospital is also fighting!However, at present, there are still 84 disinfectant produced by other enterprises on the market. This title has become the common name of this product and should not be registered exclusively by one company.

"84" became a common name?

Since Ditan Hospital developed "84" disinfectant in 1984, it has transferred the technology to many enterprises across the country and licensed them to produce and sell "84" disinfectant. However, in the relevant technology transfer license contract, there is no special agreement on the name of "84. In the joint production contract, only the ownership of the technical achievements of "84" hepatitis detergent is agreed upon, and other intellectual property rights and ownership of the product are not agreed.As a result, "84" disinfectant is widely used as the name of this kind of commodity. Each transferee enterprise uses the name of the commodity and marks the trademark used by each other to distinguish it.

To make matters worse, in April 2001, the Ministry of Health put forward requirements for the naming of health-related products, including disinfectants and disinfection equipment.In the end, "84" will be managed as a common name for disinfectants, or "84" will not be registered as a trademark because it shows the model characteristics of this product. "84" disinfectant has been used as a trade name generally recognized by the industry.

How to avoid the trademark become a common name?

According to Article 59 of the Trademark Law, the registered trademark contains the common name, figure, model of the product, or directly indicates the quality, main raw materials, function, use, weight, quantity and other characteristics of the product, or contains The owner of the exclusive right to use the registered trademark has no right to prohibit others from using it properly.

Once the trademark is identified as a generic name, it will undoubtedly bring huge losses to the enterprise. How to avoid it?

1, the selection of significant strong logo for trademark registration.Try to avoid using words that summarize the characteristics and uses of goods and simple linear graphics that do not have outstanding features;

2, when applying for trademarks, pay attention to brand diversification.Register defensive trademarks on different categories or products to reduce the likelihood that the trademark will become a common name;

3, pay attention to the propaganda language, avoid using trademark names instead of trade names.For example, "Bundy" is almost synonymous with Band-Aid. Johnson's "beauty pupil" has almost become synonymous with contact lenses. This all risks being reduced to a common name;

4, pay attention to the market, timely rights protection.Prohibit others from using their own registered trademarks without permission;

5. Properly keep all kinds of trademark use evidence: Marketing publicity, honors, interviews, etc.

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