75% alcohol wipes quality how to distinguish?

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Why do you want to choose 75% alcohol wet wipes for popular science?

The reason why alcohol can disinfect is that alcohol can absorb the moisture of bacterial protein, so that it can be dehydrated and solidified, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Experiments have shown that if the alcohol concentration is too high, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the bacteria, which cannot enter the bacteria, and it is difficult to completely kill the bacteria; if the concentration is too low, although it can enter the bacteria, it cannot coagulate the protein, nor can it. The bacteria are completely killed. Alcohol with a concentration of about 75% can gradually penetrate into the bacteria before the surface protein of the bacteria is not denatured, so that the bacterial protein is dehydrated, denatured and solidified, and finally the sterilization effect is achieved. Therefore, the true 75% alcohol product must be selected when selecting the product.Regarding how individuals can distinguish between true and false 75% alcohol, I have also studied several small methods and share them with you here:Qualified alcohol wipes must have a hygiene license, and must recognize the elimination number when purchasing! At the same time, a third-party test report on the alcohol content of the product can be obtained from the merchant.1, smell a smell, containing 75% medical alcohol sanitary wipes, because of the high alcohol content, concentration, its taste and smell particularly heavy, very flush nose! 2. Twist, after taking out the wet wipes, twist them hard. If you can't screw things out, it proves that the alcohol content is too little and not wet enough to effectively disinfect, or it indicates that there is a problem with the product packaging. 3, sun, put 75% alcohol wet wipes on the window sill to dry, then touch for a few minutes, smell, by 7 minutes, alcohol taste is still strong, by 9 minutes, the smell of alcohol is not too big. By 11 minutes and 30 seconds, the wet wipes are only slightly wet. By 14 minutes, they feel like touching dry cotton. 4, burn a burn, 75% of the alcohol wipes will easily burn, the flame is very large, if the alcohol content is less, there will be unable to ignite or seconds out. Through the above four-step method, we can basically judge whether a 75% alcohol wet wipe is good or bad.



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