Reasons for using multi-enzyme cleaning fluids to clean endoscopes

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The role and principle of multi-enzyme cleaning fluid in the endoscopic cleaning process.

BiologicalAn enzyme is aVeryspecial proteinorCatalyst. Multi-enzyme cleaning solution is neutral proteolytic enzyme, lipase, amylase,cellulasemulti-enzyme compoundbecome, the role of mild,Quick and easy to use, dilute soak10Minutescan quickly break down pollutants,;No volatile organic matter, no phosphate, biodegradable, in line with ecological standards, andduring the cleaning process.For all kinds of precision instruments and medical equipment without any corrosion, aging effect.

BiologicalThe enzyme itself is a completely biodegradable substance and has no residue after washing, so it can be used for automatic cleaning equipment and hand washing operations in endoscopes.

Multi-enzyme cleaning solutioncombination of multiple biological enzymes)The main cleaning principle is to break down water-insoluble pollutants into small molecules through enzymatic decomposition.orSoluble in water, to achieve the purpose of cleaningGuarantee the use of follow-up equipment. For example, microbiological endoscopesSpecialis to examine patients positive for blood-borne pathogens through the blood,Saliva and other organic infectionssource time, used for cleaningMulti-enzyme cleaning solutioncan beInstrument residuesFully disintegrate and remove,To achieve the effect of decontamination.

Multi-enzyme cleaning solutionEnrichedProtein, Vulnerable to Externalof the environmentimpact and rapid failure, after failure,Thenwould be a good culture medium for bacteria,multiple timesIt is easy to form biofilm on the outer surface of the endoscope when used,CausingEndoscope disinfection failure,Losing the effect of disinfection. Ministry of HealthInSpecification for cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes2004Edition and2015The annual draft for review clearly stipulates: multi-enzymeQingThe lotion should be replaced after each endoscope is cleaned.,Ensuring the quality of endoscopic decontamination is the first essence of decontamination work.

Why use multi-enzyme cleaning liquid cleaning?

EndoscopyThorough cleaning isGuaranteedisinfection effectFoundation. After use of endoscopeSuchIf not timely and effective cleaning, blood, digestive juice and various microorganismsthen it willBreeding on the outer surface of the endoluminal surface of the endoscope,Reproduction, growth, forming a biological protective film, hindering the penetration of the disinfectant, resulting in incomplete disinfection.and, the surface of the endoscope alsoSpecialEasyGeneratemacula (macula is formed as a result of condensation reaction of human secretory residues with disinfectant glutaraldehyde),Not onlyShortenIt'sThe service life of the endoscope, and it affects the disinfection of the endoscope.EffectIncreased Iatrogenic InfectionsChance, HarmWith otherPatient HealthwithSecurity.

WhenUse multi-enzyme cleaning solutionto the endoscopePretreatment cleaningWhen, can be effectiveDecompositionand remove the attachedproteins on the surface of the endoscopeQuality, mucopolysaccharide, fat, matter,LiftingRemove during cleaningEndoscopyCapabilities of surface microorganisms.andPretreatmentprocess can bewill be multi-enzymeCleaning fluidResiding in the lumen of the endoscopeInner wall,When there is enough time.Rapid Contaminantseffective degradation,Reduce endoscopySurface OrganismsLoadLoad, energyCompareIdeal to remove the naked eyeHard to tellof microbial contaminationQuantity,YesEffective removal of endoscopic external surface and lumenpollution source,usedImprove the quality of endoscopic cleaning.


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