What are the effects of storage time on the use of medical multi-enzyme cleaning fluids?

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The multi-enzyme cleaning agent has good cleaning quality for the equipment, which is also based on the presence of enzymes, such as protease quickly decomposing protein stains, lipase quickly decomposing grease stains, and carbohydrase quickly decomposing carbohydrate stains.

For disinfectants, especially peroxides and chlorinated ones, it is known that the storage is unstable. After a long time, it is necessary to determine its content to know whether it can continue to be used, otherwise it will cause great risks. The enzyme in the liquid state, but also the storage of unstable substances, there are similar drawbacks. Therefore, the storage of products labeled with multi-enzyme cleaning agents is also unstable, and the risk can be imagined when the enzyme activity drops significantly.
currently recognized,multi-enzyme cleaning agentThe cleaning quality of the equipment is good, and it is also based on the presence of enzymes, such as protease rapid decomposition of protein stains, lipase rapid decomposition of grease stains, and carbohydrase rapid decomposition of carbohydrate stains.

However, the enzyme is unstable in the liquid cleaning agent. First, the surfactant in the cleaning agent formulation will cause the three-dimensional structure of the enzyme to be gradually destroyed, thereby losing its activity. The chemical nature of enzymes is protein, and various enzymes, including proteases themselves, will gradually be decomposed by proteases, thus losing their activity.multi-enzyme cleaning agentIn use, the dilution ratio and use temperature are required to follow the manufacturer's instructions. For hospital departments, this is a process or process problem in actual use and should be well controlled. However, the attenuation of the use effect of the manufacturer's multi-enzyme cleaning agent is beyond the control of the department.
Imagine the same bucket of enzyme, we use at the factory, and factory after a year of use, with the same proportion and temperature, the cleaning effect will be the same?
Therefore, the activity of multi-enzyme is decreasing with the increase of factory time. If the factory time is used for a long timeMulti-enzyme cleaning solution, or the enzyme has lost a lot of multi-enzyme cleaning liquid, then the cleaning quality of the instrument is not stable, it is difficult to be guaranteed. If the enzyme in the cleaning agent has lost its activity, then you are using only an ordinary neutral cleaning agent, the cleaning effect is general, and the risk of sterilization is increased.

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