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ANNJET®50% citric acid disinfectant for ansett hemodialysis machine

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  • Main ingredients:This product is citric acid as the main active ingredient of disinfectant, citric acid content of 50%± 5%(W/V). At the same time, malic acid and lactic acid were added. With disinfection, decalcification, rust and other functions.

    Kill microorganism category:Temperature above 80 ℃ can kill bacterial spores

    Scope of use:Special for high water disinfection of internal waterways in hemodialysis machine equipment with proportional mixing system that can be heated to above 80 ℃.

    Method of use:It is used for disinfection of hemodialysis machine pipelines with proportional mixing system. Citric acid disinfectant is sucked through the disinfectant connecting pipeline, diluted at a ratio of 1:24 (dialysis water for dilution, citric acid concentration of 0.8), and acted for 10 minutes above 80 ℃. The specific degree of cleaning and disinfection refers to the instructions of the hemodialysis machine manufacturer.


    1. This product is for external use and shall not be taken orally. Place where children cannot reach. 2. This product is only used for disinfection of dialysis machine pipeline. 3, this product in accordance with the 1:24 dilution at 80 ℃ on stainless steel basically no corrosion, aluminum and copper have moderate corrosion, carbon steel has severe corrosion. 4. Avoid contact with eyes.


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