Motherland, I want to say to you

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Motherland, I want to say to you: Looking up at the sky, the stars of history are still shining! Cai Lun writes your wisdom on the paper, and the compass rotates your direction. In the thousands of years of Hao Tang, your ancient and great figure has been tossed and turned again and again under the shadow of the sword! In the disaster of the spirit of peace, self-immolation was once again reborn. When the dove of peace flew over Tiananmen Square again and again, I slowly grew up in your arms. Ansett people follow the footsteps of the motherland, pay attention to the foundation of scientific research, and make the road of scientific and technological innovation more stable on the land of the motherland!

Motherland, I want to say to you: You are sacred and great in my heart. Someone once said: The blood beating in our hearts is your blood, the banner held high is your banner, and the road to the future of the Communist Party is your road to overcome difficulties. Ansett people always combine the motherland with the road of development of Ansett, walk out a road of quality and guarantee, and create higher quality products for the motherland!

Motherland, I want to say to you: We are all members of your vast palm, and we love you deeply and fiercely! We integrate the heroic spirit of the Chinese people and the courage of the descendants of the dragon into our fiery youth, sing the songs of struggle with excitement, write the poems of youth with no regrets, and write the chapters of our motherland with grandeur. ansetts will strive hard to awaken all their potential, gather all their strength, exchange struggle for ideals, and only do their part to make you more beautiful!

Motherland, I would like to say to you: We should take the diligence and perseverance of Ansett people as our great goal, take the long-lasting will of Zhiyuan, carry out the quality of innovation and pursuit of excellence deep in our hearts, and dedicate our noble moral character, excellent self-cultivation and excellent achievements to the motherland.

Let us solemnly swear under the five-star red flag: Ansett Hi-Tech will, as always, adhere to the tenet of "focusing on the prevention and control of infection and improving the diagnosis and treatment environment of the Chinese people", and will not be distracted to defend "safe medical care and quality control", benefit the motherland and the people, and contribute to the cause of China's sense control! The Ansett people launched a charge and flew at full speed. We will do our best for our lovely and beautiful motherland!


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