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What is simple?It is not simple to do every simple thing well. What is extraordinary?It is extraordinary to do every ordinary thing well. No matter what kind of post you are in, no matter what kind of work you are doing, you must give full play to your ability and make the greatest contribution. Today, we realize the meaning of this passage, that is, love and dedication, selfless dedication, which is also the best portrayal of Comrade Tian Huirong in the marketing department of our company.

  Due to the nature of the work, although you can't see her every day, it seems that you can see her everywhere, because all the product packaging design, publicity design and promotion design in the company are made by her. Her family has primary school children, and her husband is usually very busy at work. Facing the children's eager vision and immediate work, thinking of the leaders' trust in her and their own responsibilities, she resolutely chose the company and took root in the company. In particular, she was extremely busy at critical moments such as the company's new products on the market, changing packaging and promoting hospital meetings. In the evening, she hurriedly took the child home from work, arranged the child's dinner and returned to the company to continue to finish the work. At the end of the day, she often couldn't sleep with wrist pain. Only by sticking plaster can she relieve the soreness of the day. She often said, "Work, as long as you stay in this position for one day, you must do your job well. Love your job, work hard, make selfless dedication, and make extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions!"

   Although she does not have amazing feats, but she can stand on their own duty, reflect their own value. She has always been a high standard and strict with herself, in the post8Hours, try to provide rear support for production and marketing. This is our ordinary good comrade, no flowers, no applause, accompanied by computers, dedicating the good years of youth to ansett company, and building a better tomorrow with love and dedication!


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