Observation of the effect of multi-enzyme cleaning agent on the cleaning of thousands of batches of instruments

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To explore the effect of multi-enzyme cleaning agent on batch instrument cleaning. Methods All kinds of contaminated medical devices were randomly divided into experimental group and control group. The control group was cleaned with traditional cleaning agent, and the experimental group was cleaned with multi-enzyme cleaning agent. Results The qualified rate of multi-enzyme cleaning equipment was 99. 07%, and the qualified rate of chlorine disinfectant cleaning equipment was 69. 68%. Conclusion The use of multi-enzyme cleaning agent after cleaning a batch of instruments without any residual substances, smooth appearance and non-toxic especially corrosive, save trouble and effort.

Abstract PurposeTo explore the effect of multi-enzyme cleaning agent on batch instrument cleaning. Methods All kinds of contaminated medical devices were randomly divided into experimental group and control group. The control group was cleaned with traditional cleaning agent, and the experimental group was cleaned with multi-enzyme cleaning agent. Results The qualified rate of multi-enzyme cleaning batch instruments was99. 07% ;The qualified rate of chlorine-containing disinfectant cleaning batch instruments is69. 68%. ConclusionThe use of multi-enzyme cleaning agent after cleaning a batch of instruments without any residual substances, smooth appearance and non-toxic, especially corrosive, save trouble and effort.

Keywords multi-enzyme cleaning agent; batch instruments; cleaning; effect observation

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With the development of modern hospital management, centralized management mode has been   Become a disinfection supply center(CSSD)imperative working mode, SurgeryRecycling of instruments isCSSD HeavyTo ensure the quality of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of batches of medical devices, cleaning is the even more critical(I) .Investigation shows that the surface of the device after clinical useThere are a lot of blood, mucus and other organic matter, not thoroughly cleaned will form rawThe film, to prevent the penetration of sterilization agents or hinder the effective contact between microorganisms and high temperature gas, affecting the sterilization effect, causing iatrogenic cross-infection, shadow.The quality of medical care and the medical safety of patients. a certain hospital CSSD  The use of multi-enzyme cleaning agents according to the formal process of surgical instruments, obtained.Good effect, to ensure the quality of sterilization.


1 Method


1. 1Cleaning method

Extraction 1 296 Multiplexed surgical instruments with the same degree of contamination., WithMachine divided3 Group, each group432 Piece, respectively.For multi-enzyme cleaning agent cleaning group, single-enzyme cleaning agent cleaning group and chlorine-containing disinfectant cleaning group, the shaft section shall be opened for disassembly before cleaning all instruments. The multi-enzyme cleaning agent cleaning group will

432     The shaft joints of the contaminated instrument are fully opened and soaked in the configured1:270 In multi-enzyme cleaning agent,5  min After rinsing with flowing water, there areJoint, gap, alveolar instruments, brush with a brush, and then float with flowing waterwash,Pure Water Terminal Rinse; single enzymeCleaningThe agent cleaning group will 432 Contaminated equipmentThe shaft joints are fully opened to soak thousands of traditional cleaners. 1:  200



·824· Chinese Journal of Disinfection 2015 ;32(8)



In the detergent detergent,30   min   After rinsing with flowing water, there are joints,Gap, tooth groove equipment, brush with a brush, and then use pure water for the finalFlushing;The chlorine-containing disinfectant cleaning group will 432  The shaft section of the contaminated instrument is complete.Open the full immersion thousands of effectiveChlorine2 000  mg/ Lof chlorine-containing disinfectionIn the agent,30         min      After rinsing with flowing water, rinse with pure water,After all the cleaning steps, take out the instrument and observe the cleaning effect.

1. 2 Sampling method

The cleaned instrument is sampled and coated with a sterilizing cotton swab neutralizer.Surface, tooth groove and shaft of the instrumentjoints and other parts,Each piecemechanical1 Sampling units are sent for immediate inspection.

1. 3 Determination method of cleaning effect

Check the cleanliness of the instrument by visual inspection, Jeli test paper and light magnifying glass, and clean the surface of the instrument to be packaged and the joint teeth.

Should be clean, bright without blood stains, stains, scale and other residues and rust spots, sinceIf the gauze is wiped without rust stain, it will be stained; visually check the instrument table after washing. The surface is stained, with sporadic spot-like stains visible, and light rust stains are unclean when wiped with gauze.

  1. Results


Multi-enzyme cleaning agent cleaningEquipment cleaning rate is99. 07%,Jay.

The qualified rate of force test paper is93. 75% . Single enzyme cleaning method

Equipment cleaning rate is 75. 23%, The qualified rate of Jieli test paper is

70.  83%,The cleaning rate of the equipment cleaned by the cleaning method of the chlorine-containing disinfectant group is

69.68%, The qualified rate of Jieli test paper is 53. 47%, multi-enzyme clearThe washing method is obviously superior to the conventional washing method, and the difference is significant.

( P < 0. 01 ) (Table1 ).



Table1   3Comparison of Cleaning Quality Cleanliness Testing of Equipment in Groups

cleaning rate

Visual inspection


Qualified rate

Jeli test paper

Qualified rate



Number of detected pieces

Number of clean pieces



Number of qualified pieces


Number of qualified pieces




multi-enzyme group











single enzyme group











Chlorine group













  1. Discussion


Any residual organic matter such as blood, mucus, and pus will prevent the effective contact of disinfection and sterilization factors with microorganisms and form bacteria or buds. The protective film of the cell affects the sterilization effect.(  2  )  .  Chlorine-containing disinfectants have a strong pungent odor, corrosive to metals, and self-bleaching to fabrics.Use, affected by organic matter, unstable disinfectant, etc.[   I   )    '     Can not decompose human secretions, there is a certain degree of harm to the human body, and before each application to monitor the concentration of chlorine-containing disinfectant, in order to achieve cleaning.Poison function. Enzymes have single and multiple enzymes, the former can only remove dirt inProtein,The latter can decompose the organic dirt(  3 )    . multi-enzyme    The cleaning agent can effectively decompose and remove the protein, mucopolysaccharide, fat and carbohydrate adhered to the instrument, so that the number of organic matter and microorganisms remaining on the instrumentMinimize the amount as much as possible[    4   )     '     So as to quickly dispose of contaminated equipmentof blood and body fluids. Multi-enzyme cleaning agent is a neutral detergent, non-toxic, non-toxicCorrosion, will not damage any metal, plastic, rubber products, suitable for thousands of handsindustrial, mechanical, ultrasonic and automatic cleaning machine,Wash just soak2

~5   min    It can decompose organic matter such as protein,If the equipment is heavily contaminatedIt is necessary to extend the soaking time to achieve a good cleaning effect.Fruit(5  )  . Many  The enzyme cleaning agent should be ready-made, the immersed instrument shaft section should be fully opened, and all instruments should be disassembled to zero, so that they can fully contact with the multi-enzyme solution. ManyWhen the enzyme solution is configured, the water temperature is controlled30°C  ~40°CBetween,When the temperature is low, the soaking time should be extended. If the temperature is too high, the enzyme activity will be lost.Reduces the potency of the enzyme.

In order to make all kinds of medical devices and articles meet the specification requirements, we

From2010 Beginning inAnd precision, the use of multi-enzyme cleaning agent for cleaning, to ensure the cleaning quality.quantity, greatly improving the work efficiency. As can be seen from the results, with the conventionalThe selling clarity and bacteriological monitoring pass rate of the instruments cleaned by the cleaning method areFar less than using a multi-enzyme cleaner[6 )'Therefore,Multienzyme cleaners must be used for thorough cleaning of medical instruments. Multi-enzyme cleaner not only cleaning effectReliable, and has antibacterial and antirust effect, especially corrosive, non-toxic, tasteless, safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly, multi-enzyme cleaner is especially corrosive to surgical instruments, after eatingProduct detection is especially toxic to the human body, is to protect surgical instruments, improve the sterilization effectThe good way.


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(Date of receipt: 2014-12-12)


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