On CCTV! Another world champion, praise! What is the hard power of Ansett Hi-Tech?

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The combination of brand and the spirit of the times has always been the right choice, especially the spirit of the Olympic spirit, which permeates thousands of households, makes people more cordial while marveling.

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Killing products have always been an indispensable part of the health industry. As a necessary product for infection prevention and control, it has been silently guarding every family and every angel in white.

Ansett Hi-Tech brand has been deeply engaged in the field of sense control for more than 20 years. As a leader in the industry, its cooperation with CCTV has been successfully praised by the world champion. It has launched a new series of products of higher quality, once again standing with people and the times.

Hospital overall disinfection solution service provider

shandong ansett high tech disinfection technology co., ltd., founded in 2000, after 22 years of wind and rain, has now grown into china hospital infection control in the field of a superior hospital overall disinfection solution service provider.

Since its establishment, Ansett High Tech has always adhered to the tenet of "focusing on prevention and control of infection and improving the diagnosis and treatment environment of Chinese people". It has no distractions to defend "safe medical treatment and quality control". It is in charge of the core technology of disinfection in the field of infection control, focusing on hospital infection control disinfection as its main business of development. It has always won the recognition of domestic and foreign markets for scientific and technological innovation and high quality. Now, Ansett High Tech has built a huge sales and service network in the field of sensory control disinfection, serving more than 8000 partners and tens of thousands of terminal medical institutions across the country, benefiting the majority of medical workers and patients.


Ansett High-Tech

Industry, science and technology, sense control sector to prop up the backbone of the nation; industrial people, science and technology people, sense control people to build people's livelihood security.

During the period of high incidence of epidemic prevention and control, Ansett Hi-Tech started the mode of no vacation, increased night shift and full staff to help production, expanded production at full capacity, increased daily production of killing supplies in an orderly manner and increased market supply, resolutely did a good job in the "logistics" rear area of the epidemic prevention and control war "around the country, and fully practiced the responsibility of" first-class disinfection brand.


Ansett High-Tech

A friend in need shows true feelings, and a friend in danger shows his heart! Ansett Hi-Tech has the courage to assume social responsibility. In 2021, the floods in Henan were raging. Ansett Hi-Tech actively responded to the call of the National Health Commission and the National Health Emergency Office. In order to do a good job in post-disaster sanitation and epidemic prevention and ensure that there is no major epidemic after the disaster, Shandong Ansett Hi-Tech Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd., as the leader of disinfection technology The company took the initiative to carry out the banner of ensuring the smooth development of post-disaster disinfection and epidemic prevention work, and donation, and donated more than 500,000 yuan to disaster relief materials to disaster!


Ansett High-Tech

Ansett high-tech products through high-tech enterprises and the national consumer satisfaction brand, to achieve real high-quality and effective safety protection.


Ansett High-Tech

The state has put forward the policy of "healthy China", which means that the future of the health industry is bright, and it will become more and more strict in product safety, product quality and marketing methods. As a major field of the health industry, killing and control products will be watched by more eyes and more opportunities. Ansett High Tech will practice the brand-new concept of sensory control, and strive to grow into the mainstay of China's sensory control cause and contribute its greatest strength to China's sensory control cause with continuous surpassing, more pragmatic and more excellent service.


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