Ansett High-tech February birthday group building meeting

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In 2022, at the beginning of the new year, with the care and strong support of the leaders, the Human Resources Department organized and planned a successful February birthday group building activity. There will be 18 birthday stars participating in this birthday. The whole birthday party will be rich and colorful, so that each employee can feel the warmth of the Ansett family and the care of colleagues while working hard and busy, and enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion of employees.

Afternoon5Point, in the host's loud greetings, opened the prelude to the whole activity.2022Year2The birthday party in January officially began!


Next, we carefully prepared the "hug of love", "you draw me guess" game, lucky draw, but also prepared a wonderful program. Everyone went all out in the whole activity, clapped and shouted together, cheer! The scene is very busy!


When the wonderful and familiar melody of "Happy Birthday to you..." sounded, everyone inserted candles, lit candles, sang birthday songs, ate cakes, and received birthday gifts. The atmosphere was once again pushed to a climax, and the laughter echoed in this not-so-small conference room. The birthday boys were holding birthday cakes and making birthday wishes!


After the event, we prepared exquisite birthday gifts for each birthday girl. Everyone took a happy group photo with the gifts to record this beautiful moment!


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