On November 24, 2021, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection held a fire drill.

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In order to makeCompanyAllProduction staffUnderstand the basic knowledge of fire fighting, improve the awareness of safety prevention, enhance the ability of self-protection, learn to put out fires and evacuate personnel and property in an orderly manner, ensure the safety of employees' lives and the safety of the company's property, and master the skills of emergency and escape.2021Year11Month24Minister Mu of the Ministry of Environmental Affairsorganized onceof the entire staffFire drills.

This fire drill minister mu mainlyResponsibleCommandOrganizationOn-site fire fighting knowledgeExplanationand fire-fighting on-site drills. 12:40 p.m.Production CenterAll staff gathered inIn front of the company's No. 1 warehouse,Minister Mu of the Ministry of Safety and Environmental ProtectionFirst of all, the fire safety emergency operation and fire escape skills were explained for all employees, and everyone was taught what everyone should do in the event of a fire, how to correctly call the police, put out the fire, evacuate, and how to save themselves and escape.

Minister MuOn-site explanation of the mechanism of dry powder fire extinguisher and guidance on the use method. Let employees use dry powder fire extinguishers to extinguish small simulated fires on site and experience how to use correct fire fighting equipment in the fire scene.

Next, all the staff of the production center conducted a large-scale simulation workshop fire scene drill under the command of Minister Mu.

Through this fire drill, the staff's safety awareness and fire fighting ability have been enhanced, all staff have a better understanding of fire safety knowledge, and their resilience against fire has been improved. During the fire drill, the organization ability, command ability and adaptability of all the staff of the company were also trained. FutureCompanyMore on-site exercises of great significance will be organized!


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