How to Choose Multi-enzyme Cleaning Solution in Different Use Environments

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How to Choose Multi-enzyme Cleaning Solution in Different Use Environments

How to Choose Multi-enzyme Cleaning Solution in Different Use Environments

With the continuous development and progress of medical level,DisinfectionThe status of the supply center in the hospital is becoming more and more important, and it is responsible for the recycling of medical equipment in the whole hospital.-The whole process of classification-cleaning-disinfection-drying-maintenance-packaging-sterilization-storage-distribution can be said to be the brain or turnover center of the hospital, then the medical treatmentInstrument cleaningIn the whole process is particularly important, it can be said that the success of equipment cleaning directly affectsSterilizationThe success or failure of the effect.

Now with the continuous increase of diagnosis and treatment activities, different patients carry different strains, the diversification of cleaning methods to promoteMulti-enzyme cleaning solutionThere are more and more types, so how to correctly choose multi-enzyme cleaning solution has become a difficult problem for many medical institutions. Today, I would like to share my experience and experience with you, hoping to provide reference for you.

At present, the disinfection supply centerCleaningThe method is divided into manual cleaning and machine washing. First of all, we must first understand the meaning of cleaning:

Cleaning is the most important link in the whole workflow of disinfection supply center. Because the quality of equipment cleaning is directly related to the quality of sterilized items, the percentage of sterilization directly affects the safety of the entire medical treatment.

Definition of cleaning

Cleaning refers to the process of removing dirt (including blood, tissue, protein, etc.) and some microorganisms attached to the surface of medical instruments, instruments and articles. Target substances to be removed by cleaning: proteins, carbohydrates, hemoglobin, lipids, inorganic ions, microbial load, endotoxins, etc.

The focus of cleaning

Wash to all surfaces of the instrument, including serrations, spring locks, long lumens, or small holes.

Manual cleaning, we recommend that you chooseAnsett efficient and fast multi-enzyme cleaning solution,Main ingredients:
By neutral proteolytic enzyme, lipase, amylase, cellulase and other multi-enzyme compound, with mild; use fast and convenient, dilute soak10 minutes can quickly decompose pollutants; no volatile organic matter, no phosphate, biodegradable, in line with ecological standards; and all kinds of precision instruments and medical devices without any corrosion, aging effect.


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