Ansett Hi-Tech: Hit the 84th CMEF Hot First Scene! Embrace the first-line sense of business opportunities!

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In May, the pomegranate flowers shine in the eye, and the first child is seen between the branches. In mid-May, when the weather began to stir slightly, the 84th China International Medical Devices Expo (CMEF) opened grandly at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center!

Ansett Hi-Tech was invited to attend this exhibition in full dress. As a navigator in the field of disinfection and infection control, Ansett Hi-Tech actively shared the research and development results, assumed the responsibility of a large country, and determined to provide a more complete and high-quality solution for the overall disinfection of hospitals! Welcome guests to the scene to guide the work.

This four-day CMEF exhibition, with the theme of "Innovative Technology, Smart Leading the Future", has a total scale of 300000 square meters and nearly 5000 brands at home and abroad participated. The exhibits cover the entire industrial chain of medical devices, covering many fields such as intelligent health, in vitro diagnosis, intelligent manufacturing, medical imaging, medical consumables, disinfection and sensing control, etc. The balance of 30000 products will be unveiled in a concentrated manner. More than 500 industry leaders, industry think tanks and experts will brainstorm in more than 70 discussions and conferences, bringing a feast of intelligent medical treatment in the high-tech era to more than 100000 audience.

In the post-era of the normalization of the new crown epidemic, this CMEF disinfection sense control health and epidemic prevention products have attracted much attention, in the Ansett Hi-Tech booth, for the hospital sense control to provide six major disinfection series programs:

1. Medical Hand Hygiene Series Program

2. Hospital department skin and mucous membrane disinfection series program

3. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments in disinfection supply centerDepartmentColumn Scheme

4.ICU/Hemodialysis/Neonatal Warm Box Disinfection Series

5. Sense control monitoring series scheme

6. Medical environment disinfection system program



As a navigator in the disinfection and sensing control industry, Ansett High Tech has always adhered to the principle of"Focus on the cause of infection prevention and control, improve the diagnosis and treatment environment of Chinese people"The purpose of the establishment of the business, no distractions to defend"Safe medical treatment, quality control", in charge of the field of sensory control disinfection core technology, focus on hospital sensory control disinfection for the development of the main industry, known for scientific and technological innovation, high quality to win domestic and foreign market recognition.


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