Beware of new crown pneumonia, hand, foot and mouth disease, dengue fever, noru visit at the same time.

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Hand, foot and mouth, dengue fever, norovirus

Has quietly appeared


---- new coronary pneumonia————


Acute respiratory infectious diseases caused by novel coronavirus
Transmission mainly through respiratory droplets and close contact

Exposure to high concentrations of aerosols for prolonged periods in a relatively closed environment

Potential for aerosol transmission

At present, China's new crown prevention and control has been fully and effectively contained.

It is still necessary to be alert to the occurrence of scattered cases.

scientific prevention

Mo Qingqing"Epidemic"

Health Tips:

Please wear masks properly when going out, especiallyToWhen staying in a relatively closed or multi-person space for a long time

Use paper towels or bend your elbows to cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing. Discard used paper towels to the trash and clean your hands immediately

After coughing or sneezing, after patient care, before meals and after defecation, andContactanimals orClearof animalspoopWash your hands and avoidUsedirty handsRub your eyes,Contact Mouth and Nose

Keep indoor air clean and regularly open windows for ventilation

Develop good eating habits, cutting boards for raw and cooked foodTo avoid mixingCook meat and eggs thoroughly

————Hand-foot-mouth disease————

A common infectious disease in children caused by enterovirus infection

coxsackie virusA16type and enterovirus71The most common type

Inhalation of droplets and close contact are important modes of transmission.

Has entered the main epidemic season of hand, foot and mouth disease

Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist of the Chinese CDC, said

Hand, foot and mouth disease transmission coefficient reached4.2To6.5

YesThe new coronavirus3Times!

scientific prevention
Mo Qingqing"Epidemic"

Health Tips:

Wash hands before and after meals, take a bath frequently; do not drink raw water, eat raw and cold food; do not share with othersArticles, advocating public chopsticks;

Open windows regularly every day for ventilation, which is commonly used by children.Toys,Tableware should always be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

Take children to crowded public places as little as possible and avoid contact with other children with fever and rash.

Pay attention to whether there is a rash in the child's mouth, hands, feet, buttocks and other parts. Once found, you should go to a medical institution in time

————dengue fever————


Acute insect-borne diseases caused by dengue virus infection

Mainly transmitted by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus

Patients often present with rapid onset and rapid onset of high fever.

With headache, muscle aches, bone and joint pain, extreme fatigue and other symptoms

Guangdong, Fujian, Hong Kong, Macau

The southern region is the main epidemic area.

The possibility of local occurrence in the north cannot be ruled out.

Summer people dress thin

Very easy to be bitten by mosquitoes

About to enterJuly-September high incidence period

scientific prevention

Mo Qingqing"Epidemic"

Health Tips:

Take some of the most common measures against mosquitoes

Destroydomestic mosquitoZisheng SourceThe public environmentmosquito breeding ground, doNo water, no mosquitoes, no mosquitoes, no dengue fever

————Norovirus diarrhea————

caused by norovirus

Easily through the fecal-oral route

or indirect contact with the environment contaminated by vomit and excreta

In addition to this

Eating raw food and drinking unclean water may also cause transmission

Often cause collective outbreaks in nurseries, schools, etc.

scientific prevention

Mo Qingqing"Epidemic"

Health Tips:

Maintaining good hand hygiene is the most important and effective measure to prevent norovirus infection. Wash hands before and after meals and after touching dirty things.

Pay attention to food hygiene, drink boiled water, do not eat raw and cold food

Timely clean up the patient's vomit and excrement, and do a good job of environmental disinfection

Schools and kindergartens should do a good job of morning examination, found that students have vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, to achieve early detection, early report, early isolation, early disinfection

Expert advice:Correct hand washing is an effective means of preventing new crowns, hand-foot-mouth, dengue fever, and Noros from visiting at the same time. Hand health, starting from you and me!


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