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Affected by the new crown virus epidemic, the originally tepid disinfection products industry, overnight became the focus of attention of all kinds of capital.

Recently, daily chemical enterprises such as Baiqueling, Johnson & Johnson, Pereya, Liangsianzhen and Galan Group have entered the consumer drug market. With the continuous increase of disinfection enterprises and conversion enterprises, the market supply of disinfection products is increasing, and the situation of online and offline channels out of stock is gradually decreasing.

At present, there are already brands and enterprises in the disinfection product market, such as Drops, Willis, Lova, Libai, Guangzhou Langqi, etc., which have been in the market for a long time and occupy most of the market share. How to gain a foothold in the disinfection products market will be the next issue to be considered.

Join the expansion force

Recently, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily learned from Tianyan that Shanghai Baiqueling Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. has changed its business scope and added a class of medical equipment and disinfection products to its business scope.

In the face of the soaring market demand for protective materials, some daily chemical enterprises have joined the ranks of disinfection products. In March, Johnson & Johnson China changed its business scope and added wholesale business of disinfection products. For the reasons for the new business, the relevant person in charge of Johnson & Johnson China told the Beijing Business Daily that Johnson & Johnson actively plays the role of a leader in the medical and health industry and will continue to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic and epidemic prevention needs.

Perlea issued an announcement stating that in combination with strategic development and actual business needs, it plans to increase the sales of sanitary products and disposable medical products, and the sales and production of disinfectants. In the same month, the Chinese herbal toothpaste famous for two sides also announced plans to increase the scope of business in the production of disinfectants, sales business. Liangmianzhen said that the current disinfection products are mainly antibacterial hand sanitizer, and the production and sales of such products account for a small proportion of operating income.

Disinfection products from Nature Hall's parent company, Galan Group, are already online. In February, Jialan Group added medical device operations to its business scope to the production and sales of disinfection products for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. After searching, a reporter from beijing business today found that the natural hall, a brand owned by Galan Group, has launched 75-degree alcohol-free hand disinfection gel and sanitary wipes in Tmall flagship store. Its spring and summer brand has also launched 75% alcohol-free hand sanitizer in Tmall flagship store.

"The decision to launch killing products is mainly to meet the rigid demand of consumers for killing products during the epidemic. In addition, killing products is an important breakthrough in the current production and business activities of enterprises, while supporting the national anti-epidemic and reducing the pressure of shortage of epidemic prevention materials in society, actively promote the recovery of business, reduce the negative impact of the epidemic on the market and enterprises, and actively seek new sales opportunities." Talking about the business of killing products, the relevant person in charge of Galan Group told reporters in beijing business today that killing products will become the company's long-term development business, and the investment in this category of business will be adjusted in real time according to the company's policies and market feedback.

Angel investors in the daily chemical industry believe that there is nothing wrong with killing products to make quick money when the market demand is great, and it is understandable if the production line is canceled later.

Demand gradually stabilized

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily conducted an investigation in early February and found that some supermarket channel disinfectants, including Supermarket Development and Jinyuan Supermarket, were out of stock. At that time, Lova Group also said in an interview that it would supply 84 disinfectant to supermarkets in Beijing every day, but the supply was still in short supply.

With the Lova Group and other killing enterprises have resumed work, other enterprises have been converted, the supply of disinfection products gradually stabilized. Beijing Business Daily reporter visited found that the current supermarket channels in the supply of disinfection products, and many brands. In addition, some cosmetics stores such as Guerlain have also opened up special areas for disinfection products. On the Tmall platform, most of the disinfection supplies show spot sale, and a small number show pre-sale or end-of-month delivery. Disinfection products delivered to the platform in time, such as take-out platforms and box horses, are also in stock.

In fact, in order to meet the rigid demand for disinfection products, in addition to daily chemical enterprises, Northeast Pharmaceutical, BYD, Xilong Science, Limin Holdings and other companies or their subsidiaries have increased the "disinfection products" business within their business scope. Obtain or are applying for the "Sanitary License for Disinfection Product Manufacturers."

On February 24, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that on February 20, the daily output of major disinfection products such as 84 disinfectant, hand-free disinfectant and alcohol increased by 207, 151 and 270 respectively compared with the end of January. From the total amount, the contradiction between supply and demand in the early stage has been significantly alleviated.

While ensuring supply, consumer demand for disinfection products has gradually stabilized. A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that compared with the initial out of stock, there are almost no consumers in the supermarket channel who buy a large number of disinfection products. The sales staff of Yonghui supermarket told the Beijing Business Daily that few people buy disinfection products now.

Many consumers said that they bought a large number of disinfection products when they returned to Beijing, but due to too much stock, the disinfectant needs to be diluted when using it. Now there is a lot left, and there is no consumer demand in a short period of time.

Regarding the changes in the demand for disinfection products, the relevant person in charge of the Galan Group believes that, in general, disinfection products are originally a rapidly increasing and maturing category. The epidemic has undoubtedly injected vitality into the industry objectively. Therefore, after the epidemic, disinfection products The demand will also maintain a stable development state. "As the domestic epidemic gradually improves, although the market demand is not as tight as before, the market space for disinfection products will not shrink because of the past of the epidemic."

Seeking Breakthrough in Competition

The data shows that from 2015 to 2018, the output value of disinfectants in my country increased steadily, with an annual growth rate of about 5.5; affected by the chemical industry, the growth rate of disinfectant output value slowed down in 2019, reaching 10.34 billion yuan; in 2020, affected by the new crown epidemic, The growth rate of disinfectant output value has increased significantly, and the preliminary estimated growth rate can reach 13.7, which will drive the growth of the entire disinfectant industry output value. The annual disinfectant output value is expected to exceed 11.5 billion yuan. Bao yuezhong, a new retail expert in the fast-moving industry, believes that there will be a relatively large development space in the future.

However, the disinfection product market has long been an established enterprise to share food. According to the "TOP15 2020 China Hand Sanitizer Brand Ranking List" released by AI Media Gold List, Drops ranked first with a 96.9 gold list index, while Shufujia and Welloux ranked second and third with 94.1 and 93.8 gold list indexes respectively. And blue moon, flower king, longrich, libai, lova and other enterprises also occupy offline channels all the year round.

Summer said that brands such as Willows and Blue Moon had gained a firm foothold in the killing market during SARS.

"At the time, many companies thought this would be long-term demand, entered the disinfection product market, increased equipment conversion, the decline in demand quickly led to a buildup of inventory, many companies lost a lot of money and were on the verge of bankruptcy. In contrast to this time, companies should judge whether the current disinfection product is a long-term demand, and then match it with their own commercial value, so that they can get long-term value." Summer further said.

Galan Group believes that during the epidemic period, the demand for disinfection products has increased sharply. Judging from the current market form, strong brands have not yet appeared, and there are no brand giants monopolizing the market, but a market pattern of fragmentation. Among them, traditional disinfection manufacturers continue to strengthen their brand image. Traditional daily chemical manufacturers use their mature network channels and perfect product portfolio to achieve rapid growth. New enterprises are composed of a huge matrix, there will be a large number of products on the market in the short term, but the subsequent development potential remains to be seen.

"The development of Galan Group has always been changed according to changes in the environment and conditions. In addition to corporate social responsibility to meet the needs of consumers, increasing the categories of disinfection products is also a decision made to improve the company's product categories. However, Galan Group's long-term development goals cannot deviate from the essence. Galan Group has always been a cosmetics company. What it has to do for a long time is to stick to its main business, its essence and strategic goals." The relevant person in charge of the Galan Group said.

Bao Yuezhong suggested that these daily chemical companies can develop different products according to different demand scenarios in the future, and there may be relatively large space.

Source: Beijing Business Daily


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