The role of multiple enzymes

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The multi-enzyme disinfection solution is composed of seven enzymes, namely neutral proteolytic enzyme, lipase, amylase, cellulase, carbohydrase, blood enzyme and lysozyme, with mild effect. It belongs to two types: super-concentrated, low-foaming and non-foaming. It can quickly decompose pollutants by dilution and soaking for 10 minutes. Non-volatile organic matter, phosphate-free, biodegradable and in line with ecological standards; and all kinds of precision instruments and medical equipment without any corrosion, aging effect. Suitable for cleaning all kinds of soft and hard endoscopes, surgical appliances, pipes, rubber, medical plastics, instruments, laboratory utensils and other medical equipment

Multi-enzyme cleaning fluid is a kind of equipment maintenance products, can be used as lubricating rust inhibitor and rust remover, suitable for disinfection machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, for all kinds of soft, hard endoscope, surgical equipment, pipeline, rubber, medical plastics, instruments, laboratory utensils and other medical equipment cleaning.

Simple sterilization has been unable to meet the demand, because when the instrument is stained with sterilized dirt, chemical agents or itself is corroded, they will still bring harm to the patient's health, these potentially dangerous dirt and surgical residues must be removed, and cleaning is a very important step before sterilization.

The purpose of cleaning is to carry the soil away from the surface of the object, dissolve (at least suspend) in the cleaning agent, and completely leave the device by rinsing. Cleaning is a complex process, the choice of detergent should also meet a variety of factors. The cleaning agent should have strong decontamination ability, have good compatibility with the cleaning equipment and cleaning machine, and be easy to rinse and reduce residue.



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