Observation on the Effect of Multi-enzyme Cleaning Agent for Cleaning Metal Instruments

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Abstract: OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of multi-enzyme cleaning agent on the cleaning of metal instruments so as to improve the cleaning quality, ensure the sterilization effect and control the nosocomial infections. Method: Select recovered moderate
300 contaminated instruments were randomly divided into observation group and control group, 150 in each group. The observation group was cleaned manually with multi-enzyme ultrasound machine, while the control group was cleaned manually with flowing water, compared
The cleanliness pass rate and occult blood test positive rate of the two groups after cleaning. Results: After cleaning, the qualified rate of cleanliness of metal instruments and the positive rate of occult blood test in the observation group were 97.00%.
and 0.66% in the control group, the cleanliness of metal instruments and the positive rate of occult blood test were 78.00 and 29.00%, respectively. Two groups of comparison, the observation group of two indicators are clear
significantly better than the control group, the differences were statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion: The use of manual and multi-enzyme ultrasound machine cleaning metal medical equipment, the effect is ideal, improve the quality of cleaning.
The supply room is the hospital's logistical support department and is contaminated with medical equipment and supplies. Centralized places, is an important department to control hospital infection. Medical equipment cleaning quality is Supply room work is very important link, to ensure the quality of disinfection, sterilization, items The quality of cleaning is the key, high-quality cleaning can protect medical devices from organic matter Safety of corrosion and subsequent treatment J. To explore the good cleaning of medical devices Methods, improve the quality of cleaning, ensure the sterilization effect, control hospital infection, we this The metal instruments in the hospital supply room were cleaned by two different cleaning methods and observed. The cleanliness pass rate and occult blood test positive rate were compared between the two groups after cleaning, in order to observe The effect of enzyme cleaning agent in the cleaning of metal instruments. The report is as follows.
1 Materials and methods
1.1 materials: 300 pieces of moderately contaminated equipment recovered from the supply room, brush, 3M Anbi Clean fast multi-enzyme cleaning solution (3M company products), magnifying glass, occult blood test paper, etc.
1.2 cleaning method: ① manual and multi-enzyme ultrasonic cleaning method (observation group): the operation The instrument is flushed under flowing water, visible dirt is scrubbed with a soft brush, and high pressure is used for puncture needles. Water gun flush. After that, use the instrument joint expander to open and fix all the joints, and load them in the basket. Put it into 1:200 multi-enzyme cleaning solution (35 ℃) for ultrasonic washing for 5min, and then leave it under flowing water. After washing the detergent, boil it in soft water for lmin and rinse it with deionized water. ② Traditional cleaning method (control group): the recovery apparatus was washed under flowing water, with soft wool The brush is scrubbed repeatedly, and the puncture needle is washed with a high-pressure water gun to open the joint of the instrument. Boil in boiling water for lmin, and rinse with deionized water at the end.
Judgment of 1.3 cleanliness: after visually cleaning the instrument with a magnifying glass in the inspection and packaging area, the device The surface of the machine is as bright as ever, without any visible blood or stains; the surface is bright. Spotted stains and blood stains are unqualified.
1.4 occult blood test: take occult blood test paper plus 2~3 drops of color solution, in the lumen of the instrument, The teeth and surface of the pliers were wiped repeatedly, and the test paper was purple as positive, and no discoloration as negative.
1.5 statistical methods: using SPSS11.0 software package for data processing, P<0.05 There are significant differences.
2 Results
The cleanliness qualification rate and occult blood test of metal instruments after cleaning in the observation group The rates were 97.00% and 0. 66%; the corresponding indicators of the control group after cleaning were 78.00 per cent and 29.00 per cent. Two groups of comparison, the observation group two indicators were significantly better than According to the group, the differences are statistically significant (P 0.05), Table 1. Table 1 Comparison of the qualified rate of cleanliness of instruments and the positive rate of occult blood test between the two groups after cleaning Note: ▲ ,V compared with the control group, P <0.05.
3 Discussions
Multi-enzyme detergent is a biologically active substance that can effectively decompose a variety Organic filth, such as protein, sugar and fat. Enzymes can touch every surface of an object, The dirt will be quickly decomposed and separated from the surface of the article. Difficult to clean complex instruments and lumens Class instruments, the use of enzyme cleaners with ultrasonic machine wash, to achieve the ideal cleaning effect. The pH value of the enzyme cleaner is neutral, non-corrosive, and has little damage to the instrument. Clean and bright, extending the service life. When using enzyme cleaning agent should pay attention to:(1) enzyme The prepared liquid starts to biodegrade after 4 hours and needs to be prepared for current use. (2) the temperature of the prepared liquid is 40 ~ C ~ 6O C, the strongest enzyme activity l2J. The results of this study show that multi-enzyme lotion combined with ultrasound The machine is effective in cleaning complex dental and lumen instruments that are difficult to clean, Consistent with relevant domestic reports 2 J. Medical devices are thoroughly cleaned and effectively eliminated. Poisonous sterilization is equally important, and the effect of using multi-enzyme cleaning agents in instrument cleaning is obviously excellent. Therefore, multi-enzyme cleaning agent can be used for cleaning all kinds of medical equipment, It is an important measure to control exogenous infection effectively. As long as it can be used correctly and note self-protection, multi-enzyme cleaning agent in the quality of medical equipment cleaning can achieve satisfactory results, while saving manpower and material resources, it is worth promoting the use.


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